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University of Oregon


Name Title Office Phone Email
Alilunas, Peter Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Communication 216D Allen Hall 541-346-2004
Allan, Michael Associate Professor, Comparative Literature 316 Villard 541-346-0981
Aronson, Michael Cinema Studies Director, Associate Professor of English 201 McKenzie 541-346-8104
Bailey, Kay Office Coordinator, Cinema Studies 201 McKenzie 541-346-8104
Bray, Michael Instructor, Department of Art 215 Wilkinson House 541-346-3628
Calhoon, Kenneth Professor & Department Head, German and Comparative Literature 315 Villard Hall (541) 346-4060
Doxtater, Amanada Instructor, German and Scandinavian 414 Friendly Hall (541) 346-4081
Gopal, Sangita Associate Professor, English 528 PLC 541-346-3567
Hanna, Erin Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Communication 219 Allen Hall (541) 346-2084
Kawai, Masami Instructor, Cinema Studies  201 McKenzie Hall  541-346-8104
Kim, Dong Hoon Assistant Professor, Korean Literature, East Asian Languages 403 Friendly 541-346-4108
Larson, Lesli Director of Library Comm. Marketing, UO Library Liaison to Cinema Studies 64D Knight Library 541-346-1946
Martinez, Gabriela Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication (Latin American Cinema) 237 Allen Hall 541-346-1997
May, Kevin Instructor and Multimedia Assistant, Cinema Studies 260 Knight Library 541-346-8296
McGovney, Timothy Business Manager, Cinema Studies 201 McKenzie Hall 541-346-8313
Miller, Daniel Associate Professor, Electronic Media — School of Journalism & Communication 311A Allen Hall 541-346-3747
Mondloch, Kate Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture 237D Lawrence Hall 541-346-2068
Ok, HyeRyoung Instructor, Cinema Studies and School of Journalism & Communication 153 Franklin Building (541) 346-7644
Ovalle, Priscilla Peña Cinema Studies Associate Director, Associate Professor of English 266 PLC 541-346-0060
Peterson, Elizabeth Humanities Librarian & Curator of Moving Images, UO Libraries 291J Knight Library 541-346-3047
Rigoletto, Sergio Associate Professor, Romance Languages & Cinema Studies (Italian, French, Cinema) 424 Friendly 541-346-4033
Rust, Stephen Instructor, Cinema Studies and English 239 PLC (541) 346-0058
Sen, Bish Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Communication 311C Allen Hall 541-346-2880
Sirois, Andre Instructor and Multimedia Center Supervisor, Cinema Studies 263 Knight Library 541-346-8844
Steinhart, Daniel Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Communication and Cinema Studies  219 Allen Hall 541-346-2360
Pegram-Floyd, Veratta Student Services Assistant Director, Cinema Studies 321 McKenzie Hall 541-346-8613
Wasko, Janet Professor, School of Journalism & Communication 238 Allen Hall 541-346-4174
Wright, Michelle Media Coordinator, Cinema Studies 201 McKenzie 541-346-8261