Dong Hoon Kim


Dong Hoon Kim

Dong Hoon Kim

Associate Professor,
Department of Cinema Studies

403 Friendly Hall

Research Statement

Dong Hoon Kim’s research and teaching interests include visual culture, early cinema, film and media spectatorship, and Asian film, media and popular culture. He has been engaged with a variety of activities in the field besides his academic research, directing short films, working for film festivals, and serving as consultant to film company.

Recent Citations -- Publications -- Professional Work

“The Politics and Poetics of North Korean Juche Cinema.” Asian Cinema (October 2014, refereed): 205 -222. “Performing Colonial Identity: Byeonsa, Colonial Film Spectatorship, and the Formation of National Cinema in Colonial Korea.” Daisuke Miyao, ed., Oxford Handbook of Japanese Cinema (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, January 2014): 172-187. “Segregated Cinemas, Intertwined Histories: The Ethnically Segregated Film Cultures in 1920s Korea under Japanese Colonial Rule.” The Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema 1.1. (2009, refereed): 7-25. In Japanese Translation: "in Nihon eigashi sosho 14kan: Kankyaku eno apurochi" (A Series of Japanese Film History, vol. 14: Approaching the Audience), Hideaki Fujiki, ed., Shinwasha, March 2011): 139-170.


KRN 151 "Introduction to Korean Cinema"
KRN 360 "Contemporary Korean Film"
KRN 361 "Transnationalism and Korean Popular Culture"
EALL 410/510 "Visions of Empire"
EALL 410/510 "Transnational Film Authors"
EALL 410/510 "Transnational Film Genres"
EALL 410/510 "Cultural Studies and East Asian Culture"