André Sirois

Andre SiroisAndré Sirois
Senior Instructor I and Multimedia Supervisor
Department of Cinema Studies

263 Knight Library


Ph.D. in Communication and Society, University of Oregon, 2011
Master of Arts in Communication, University of Maine, 2005
Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism, Central Connecticut State University, 2002


Peace, what's good? My name is Andre´, aka DJ food stamp, aka The Real Dr. Dre´. I've been a fan of or involved in music and screens since the 80s. I have almost 25 years experience of filmmaking (like with film), photography, sound recording/editing, DJing and beatmaking. I'm self-taught, and bring that DIY approach to my teaching. Beyond my teaching and role at UO, I'm a local DJ, I'm a board member on the Eugene Film Society, and I run a bi-annual record show, the TOP SCORE Record Show.

Research Statement

The bulk of my research broadly looks at the nature of technical and cultural innovation in general in relation to intellectual property law. Specifically, I look at DJ culture and technology as an example of how creativity is the byproduct of a network of people, products, brands, etc. My work addresses the relationship between DJ culture and the industries that serve it, and focuses on the manipulation, exchange and rights associated with intellectual properties in this context. 

I specifically look at hip hop DJs (because I am one). While most scholarship suggests that hip hop DJs manipulate intellectual properties and are “criminals,” I explore how DJs themselves are intellectual properties that are manipulated by the industries in product R&D and in marketing. 

This interest has also led to me found the DJpedia Archive and the Designed from Scratch Project. DJpedia is my archive of technology and media artifacts, and Designed from Scratch Project is both my portable exhibit and forthcoming coffee table book.

Recent Citations – Publications – Professional Work

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  • Sirois, André. In Progress. Designed from Scratch: A Hip Hop History of the DJ Mixer, 1975-2005. (self-published coffee table book). 
  • Sirois, André. 2016. Hip-Hop DJs and the Evolution of Technology: Cultural Exchange, Innovation, and Democratization. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.
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  • CINE 230 “Remix Cultures”
  • “Ireland on Screen” (Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland)
  • CINE 425 "Making Music Video"
  • CINE 399 “Music Television(s)”
  • CINE 425 "Sound For Screens"
  • CINE 425 "Narrative DSLR Filmmaking"
  • CINE 399 "Remix Culture(s)"
  • CINE 399 "South Park & Society"
  • CINE 399 "Hip Hop & Screens”
  • CINE 199 “Hip Hop and the Politics of Sampling” (First-year Interest Group)
  • CINE 199 “Remixing Media, ©ritiquing ©ulture” (First-year Interest Group)
  • MUS 360 “Hip Hop Music: History, Aesthetics, Culture”