UO Aumni Feature Film World Premiere at Merced Queer Film Festival

The Last Day of Retrograde movie poster

University of Oregon Cinema Studies alumni Brad Burke (2015), Claire Haines (2015), Bronwyn Thomas (2020), and Minjoo Jang (2021) have a feature film getting its World Premiere at the Merced Queer Film Festival in Merced, California on May 21st. Their film, The Last Day of Retrograde, is nominated for 6 awards at the event, including Best Feature, Best Comedy Feature, Best Director, Best Female Identifying Performer (two nominations), and Best Male Identifying Performer. The film has already won Best Queer Feature at the Bright International Film Festival during a private screening with festival judges.

Explore Cinema Studies Fall Term 2022 Courses

Explore Cinema Studies Fall Term 2022 Courses

Interested in learning more about the Cinema Studies major? Explore CINE's fall term CORE ED courses below. Cinema Studies offers many courses that are open to all majors and satisfy Core Ed requirements.

Already a Cinema Studies major? Learn more about the interesting TOPICS courses offered fall term below. Visit the course list page for the complete list of spring courses and how they satisfy the major.

Did You Know? Cinema Studies now offers both B.A. and B.S. degree options! Cinema Studies is building connections across new disciplines and is now offering both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree option to engage with students wherever their academic training is taking them. Whether you're an IRES major, business major, or studying in a STEM field, consider Cinema Studies as a double major to tell your story at the intersection of science and cinema. To declare the major, simply submit the brief online form. 

Priority registration begins May 16, 2022.

Totem Pole Journey will make a stop on the UO campus

Totem Pole Journey

The Totem Pole Journey, an Indigenous-led environmental project, begins its tour with a series of events co-sponsored by the Environment Initiative and the Center for Environmental Futures.

Led by members of the Lummi Nation and the House of Tears Carvers, the Totem Pole Journey is a Pacific Northwest community experience that engages participants through ceremony, art, science, ancestral knowledge and cross-cultural collaboration.

Rethinking Popular Performance: A Symposium on Race, Media, and Visual Culture

Rethinking Popular Performance: A Symposium on Race, Media, and Visual Culture

A two-day interdisciplinary event that will specifically 1) reflect on the ways in which scholars are engaging Black feminist and queer of color critique to interpret popular TV, film, media, and performance, and 2) imagine how principles of Black feminist and queer of color critique can continue to support equity and inclusion at the University of Oregon. 

The symposium features work by artists, Dayna Chatman, University of Oregon, SOJC; E. Patrick Johnson, Northwestern University; Priscilla Peña Ovalle, University of Oregon, Dept. of Cinema Studies; and Shoniqua Roach, Brandeis University.

May 10 to 11 on Zoom (RSVP to Attend)

Faculty Research Presentation: Cross-Border Hollywood: Production Politics and Practices in Mexico

Photo from Cross-Border Hollywood- Production Politics and Practices in Mexico

Cinema Studies Associate Professor Daniel Gómez Steinhart discusses his book project, Cross-Border Hollywood: Production Politics and Practices in Mexico, during the CLLAS Research Series Faculty Research Presentation on Wednesday, May 11th at 3:30 pm in the EMU Crater Lake Rooms. 


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