Add/Drop Cinema Studies as a Major

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Before You Add the Cinema Studies Major

It is the students’ responsibility to have reviewed the Cinema Studies Degree Requirements to ensure an understanding of what the Cinema Studies major coursework entails. In addition to reviewing the degree requirements, you will also be expected to meet with an academic and career advisor and/or coordinator from the Media, Arts & Expression Flight Path from the Tykeson Hall College and Careers Advising Team after you declare the major.

Current Student: Adding/Dropping the CINE Major

If you are a current University of Oregon student, please click on the link below to login with your Duck ID to either change to, add as an additional major or drop the Cinema Studies major.

Please note: It will take approximately three weeks to process your change of major request.

Admitted Student: Adding/Dropping the CINE Major

If you have already been admitted to the University of Oregon and have yet to attend IntroDUCKtion (mid-year and summer orientation), you will need to send an email via your University of Oregon email address and include your UO ID # (95#) to the Office of Admissions if you fall under one of the following circumstances:

  • Indicated Cinema Studies as your major on your admission application but no longer want to be a Cinema Studies major. This action will mean that you will not be attending the Cinema Studies major IntroDUCKtion session and that you will go to the correct session for your new intended major (or a session for you to explore your major options if you have not yet decided what major you would like to declare).
  • Would like to change your major to Cinema Studies and/or add Cinema Studies as an additional major. If you were exploring your major options and/or in a different major altogether, this action will mean that you will be a declared Cinema Studies major and will attend the Cinema Studies major IntroDUCKtion session.