About Cinema Studies

Undergraduate Studies

The Cinema Studies Major at the University of Oregon allows students to study moving image media at the intersection of intellectual study and creative practice. As a comprehensive liberal arts degree, the major cultivates an appreciation of the media arts, an ability to communicate ideas using a broad array of media, and a historical understanding of how various cultures tell their stories.

The Cinema Studies major is distinctive in the Northwest because of the breadth of its offerings, its integration of critical study and creative production and its strength in global cinemas. Because cinema is inherently multidisciplinary, students take a diverse array of courses from across the university in history, criticism, and aesthetics as well as in digital production.

Students majoring in Cinema Studies take 56 credits in four categories: Fundamentals, Production, Core Courses and Electives. A degree in Cinema Studies provides its graduates with a sound foundation for entering their chosen media professions or continuing their education in graduate school. It also gives them the critical and analytic skills to adapt to the changes that are likely to occur in their professions throughout their lifetimes.