Sundance Institute and The Walt Disney Studios Launch the Project Advancement and Completion Fund to Support Underrepresented Directors

Sundance Institute and The Walt Disney Studios Launch the Project Advancement and Completion Fund to Support Underrepresented Directors

LA-born filmmaker of Ryukyuan descent and UO Cinema Studies Professor of Filmmaking, Masami Kawai, is paving the way for a more inclusive cinema landscape. Kawai was selected for Sundance Institute and The Walt Disney Studios' Project Advancement and Completion Fund, which supports nine directors currently engaged in fiction features. These talented filmmakers are all from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. Masami's project, Valley of Tall Grass, is a feature film that tells the story of a TV/VCR combo set thrown out, but it survives and circulates through the lives of various working-class indigenous characters of color in an Oregon town. They find forgotten memories, love, and connection through this seemingly obsolete object.

Explore Winter Term 2024 Courses

Explore winter term 2024 courses

Interested in learning more about the Cinema Studies major? Explore CINE's winter term CORE ED courses below. Cinema Studies offers many courses that are open to all majors and satisfy Core Ed requirements. Already a Cinema Studies major? Learn more about the interesting TOPICS courses offered winter term below. CINE Majors: Please visit the course list page for the complete list of winter courses and how they satisfy the major.

Did You Know? Cinema Studies now offers both B.A. and B.S. degree options! Cinema Studies is building connections across new disciplines and is now offering both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree option to engage with students wherever their academic training is taking them. Whether you're an IRES major, business major, or studying in a STEM field, consider Cinema Studies as a double major to tell your story at the intersection of science and cinema.

Congratulations CINE Students and Faculty Screening Films at PLSFF

Poetic Lens Film Festival

Cinema Studies is pleased to congratulate students and faculty who have been selected to screen their short films and videos at the Poetic Lens Short Film Festival!

Mary Grosswendt (Director), Sheilan Ghomghaleh (Producer) have been selected to screen their short film IONIC. Crewed by students: Logan Nelson, Skyler Kaplan, Natalie Rose Baehrend, Alan Nedellec, Iman Zarlons and Jayde Benesh, and starring student actors: Hazel Prial, Justin Thomas and Kyle Kraft. 

Plus! CINE major Iman Zarlons has been selected to screen her student music video "Momang Mori,” and Cinema Studies Assistant Professor Ari Purnama’s work has been selected to screen at the festival as well. Career Instructor Alissa Phillips will provide introductions.

The PLSFF runs October 13-14, 2023 from 7 to 9 pm at the Art House Theater in Eugene. Film as MOVING VISUAL POETRY is the focus of the festival and showcases a collection of short narrative, documentary, animation, music video and experimental films, created without adherence to conventional form. Visit for more information.

Film Festival Attendance Experience

Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s FREE 2024 Film Studies Program

APPLY for Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s FREE 2024 Film Studies Program and ATTEND the 2024 SBIFF (February 8-12) with priority access to 50 films, panel series, filmmaker Q&A sessions, and tribute events. The SBIFF Film Studies Program brings undergraduate students from all around the U.S. and 30 from the Santa Barbara area to town during the Film Festival, to take part in a packed curriculum that turns the festival into an interactive classroom. Participants get priority access to any of the films, SBIFF’s acclaimed Panel Series, filmmaker seminars, Tributes, as well as intimate Q&As with filmmakers, talent, and other professionals. Learn more and apply.

Deadline to Apply:  October 16, 2023

Cinema Studies Invites Applications for Tenure-track Asst. Professor in Narrative TV Production

Student and instructor talking in front of a camera

The Cinema Studies Department at the University of Oregon is pleased to invite applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Narrative Fiction Production. The successful applicant will begin in fall 2024 and should specialize in television encompassing its various formats (broadcast, streaming, social media platforms, etc.).

Cinema Studies is accepting applications for student Lab Monitors for the 2023-24 academic year

Cinema Studies Logo

Deadline to Apply:  Friday, September 1, 2023 at 9:00am.

The student Lab Monitor works in the Cinema Studies Lab located in 267 Knight Library. Their primary duties are supervising the lab space and providing assistance for students using computers during open lab times. The Lab Monitor’s other responsibilities include routine cleaning and disinfecting of the space, trouble shooting computer issues, assisting students with production software, and other routine duties.


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