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CINE 426 The Art of Producing

CINE 426:
The Art of

Find Your Voice as a Producer:
Learn from a Guest Producer
and Guest Filmmakers!

Taught by Cinema Studies Career Instructor Alissa Phillips, CINE 426: The Art of Producing will feature lectures by a guest Producer–whose credits you will know–and additional talented guest filmmakers!

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 Funded by the generous Harlan J. Strauss Visiting Filmmaker Endowment


Photo of a building and bikes. Text over photo: The Role of a Producer

  • When a film wins Best Picture at the Oscars®, it's the Producer who gives the acceptance speech.
  • Producers play a vital role in creating ethical and collaborative production communities.
  • Producing is creative! Turning your vision into a reality takes practical know-how to shape creative decisions. 
  • The skills of a producer transfer to countless other filmmaking roles and beyond! Whether you're coordinating logistics, managing finances, or collaborating with other filmmakers, a producer plays a key role in bringing a vision to the screen. 


Learn more about the producer's role by applying for CINE 426: The Art of Producing! 

CINE 426: The Art of Producing

Everything starts and stops with a Producer. They are the first ones in and the last ones out. A Producer oversees the film; intimately understands the creative and practical aspects of directing, acting and production; and has a strong working knowledge of all the departments. 

In CINE 426:  The Art of Producing, we will have a guest Producer–whose credits you will know–teach several classes and participate in events. We will also host other talented guest filmmakers who will share their approaches to storytelling and provide creative and practical guidance to help you create original films. 

In this class, students will produce two short films based on screenplays developed in screenwriting classes and will work in substantial crews and in professional roles. We will also screen the short films as the final element of the course.

This course will require significant participation outside of class–everything from pre-production, filming, and post-production to attending events with the filmmakers. Your full engagement is essential to create the value of this experience for you and your crew. 

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This course is open to Cinema Studies majors only. Registration requires instructor approval, prerequisites, and completion of the online application. Contact the department at with questions. 


Art of Producing Preview


Attend The Art of Producing Info Session #2

Wednesday, February 7th at 4:30 p.m. on Zoom.

AnchorInstructor Alissa Phillips is holding a second info session to answer questions, provide an overview of the class, and share tips on how to submit a strong application.

More information and Zoom link.


What is a film resume?

Resumes are important tools—for this class as well as for your career goals. A film resume showcases your savvy in presenting yourself, demonstrates your attention to detail, answers questions that matter to a decision maker, highlights your successes, creates a personal connection with the reader, and is quick and easy to read. For more information, please refer to Turn Your Current Resume into an Industry-Ready Resume10 Steps To Writing Your Film Production Resumeand other samples.