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CINE 198:
Post Production Workflow

Post Production Workflow is an essential workshop that will help you succeed in your CINE filmmaking courses and your future filmmaking career.

We explore foundational editing skills, such as media management, transcoding, and how to create a workflow to accommodate various media types.

This course is recommended to be taken in conjunction with or before CINE 270 or other Production A courses.

Learn more about CINE 198: Post Production Workflow in the short videos below!

 Course prerequisites may be waived by contacting the instructor, Kevin May, at

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Instructor Kevin May

What is CINE 198: Post Production Workflow?

This short video introduces Kevin May the instructor of CINE 198. It also highlights how the CINE 198 Post-Production Workflow course teaches foundational editing skills.

course description

CINE 198: Workshop: Post Production Workflow (1 credit)
Tuesday/Thursday, 4/1-5/9, 9:00-9:50 a.m. / Kevin May

In this six-week workshop, for both beginners and more experienced editors, we will explore nonlinear editing with a focus on Media Management and Workflow. We will examine strategies for media organization and selection, how to efficiently use the tools within the editing software, and methods to efficiently review and refine your work. We will primarily be working in Adobe Premiere, but we will also look at other NLEs such as Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer. By the end of the workshop, with either tutorial media or your own, you will have created and refined a short edit highlighting what you’ve learned in the class.

Note: Because this course has special meeting dates, regular academic deadlines do not apply. Please contact the academic department for more information.

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