Awards and Scholarships

Cinema Studies is pleased to announce the following opportunities each year. Please check back throughout the year for updates on scholarship applications and deadlines.

Cinema Studies Awards

James Ivory Essay Award

Each year, the Department of Cinema Studies offers the James Ivory Undergraduate Essay Award. A financial award of up to $500 will be given to the top recipients. This award recognizes undergraduate students who demonstrate extraordinary skill and creativity of research and writing in their term papers. Applications for the 2020-21 James Ivory Essay Award are now open. 

Undergraduate Filmmaker Award

The Undergraduate Filmmaker Award recognizes undergraduate students whose filmmaking and/or media production enhances the inclusion of marginalized identities and communities in front of and behind the camera, tells stories about issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, national/ethnic identity, and/or uses the medium to fight for social justice. An award of up to $500 will be given to the top recipients. Applications for the 2020-21 Undergraduate Filmmaker Award are now open.

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Award

Cinema Studies offers a $500 award to any Cinema Studies major who presents a paper at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Undergraduate Conference. Recipient(s) of the award are recognized at the Cinema Studies annual awards ceremony.

Students are responsible for notifying the Cinema Studies office if their paper is selected to be presented at the SCMS Undergraduate Conference. 

Please check back from more information on how to notify the Department of Cinema Studies if you have been selected to present a paper at the 2021 SCMS Undergraduate Conference.

Additional University Award Opportunities

UO Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards

UO Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards recognize students who demonstrate excellent library resesarch skills and high-quality academic work with $1000 to $1500 award prizes in two catergories:

  1. Papers and projects from a 300 level or above course completed within a single term
  2. Theses or multi-term papers and projects

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a significant number of donor-supported scholarships and fellowships to CAS students – both undergraduate and graduate. Information about each award is available on the College of Arts and Sciences website. 

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE)

CURE serves as a campus hub for undergraduate students to pursue advanced learning opportunities in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. CURE offers a variety of competitive grants to support undergraduate research endeavors. The conference travel award assists students to present their research findings at a conference or professional meeting. Fellowships are also available to support students to conduct summer research under the mentorship of a University of Oregon faculty mentor. CURE has also created a fund to assist eligible students in emergency situations, and designed to help students participate in research related opportunities. CURE launched FYRE in 2020 to provide first-year undergraduate students with the valuable opportunity to explore research. 

Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship program is designed to increase the research opportunities for UO undergraduate students in the academic disciplines associated with the humanities. The program immerses a cohort of students in sixteen weeks of research during the winter and spring terms.