COVID-19 Update March 18, 2020

Advising operations for Tykeson College and Career Advising have moved to solely remote advising, utilizing Microsoft Teams. Advising continues to be held during regular operating hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please visit for up-to-date advising information and directions on how to schedule a remote advising appointment. 

To call Tykeson Advising, please call their direct number: 541-346-9200.

Cinema Studies Advising:  Located in Tykeson Hall

Whether you are a current undergraduate, prospective undergraduate, or post-baccalaureate student, the Media, Arts & Expression (MAE) Flight Path advisors and coordinator within the Tykeson Hall College and Career Advising Team is your primary resource for guidance and information. 

Plan to meet with a Media, Arts and Expression (MAE) Flight Path academic and career advisor and/or coordinator at least once per academic year to outline your academic and professional goals and help you stay/get back on track for degree completion in four years.

Advising Scheduling: Drop-in and Appointments

Drop-in Advising:

Brief meetings (no longer than 10-15 minutes) on a first come, first serve basis that should be utilized for quick questions, forms to sign, review of term course schedules and courses that meet general/core education, campus deadlines, university policies and procedures, referral to campus and/or community resources, review of student identified degree plans and the start of your academic and career exploration and/or planning. Students check-in at the Tykeson Hall 1st floor front desk.

Monday through Friday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (last student check-in at 2:45 pm)

  • When you check in at the Tykeson Hall front desk, it will be important for you to know that Cinema Studies is under the Media, Arts and Expression (MAE) Flight Path.
  • Drop-in advising within Tykeson Hall is structured so that any student can meet with any advisor and/or coordinator to get their quick questions answered and resolved. To that end, not all drop-in availability within Tykeson Hall will have a MAE advisor and/or coordinator available. If you would like to meet with a MAE advisor and/or coordinator, please indicate that to the intake and operations staff member at the front desk or schedule an advising appointment.

Academic and Career Appointment Advising:

Appointments (30 minutes to an hour-long) are designed to address long-term planning questions and other detailed concerns with an advisor or coordinator specializing in majors/minors and/or certificates within the Media, Arts and Expression Flight Path. Students check-in at the Tykeson Hall 1st floor front desk.

Schedule an appointment through Navigate (beginning September 30th) and choose from up to two corresponding 30-minute appointment spots (as needed) that are compatible with your schedule Where necessary, a follow-up email may be sent to clarify the goals of your appointment.

  • Please note: Navigate takes into consideration your current class schedule and you will be unable to schedule appointments during your class time. Navigate works best with Chrome or Firefox internet browsers.

Instructions for Scheduling an Appointment through Navigate:

  • With your Duck ID, log into NAVIGATE
  • Click on “Schedule an Appointment” in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • Choose “Academic & Career Advising” in the first pull-down box.
  • Then select “Tykeson Hall – Media, Arts and Expression” in the second box
  • Select the reason you would like to meet with an advisor from the drop-down list. There are six reasons available:
    1. Exploring Major/Minor/Career – MAE: Questions and/or assistance and referral about academic requirements for the Cinema Studies major and/or Film Certificate, beginning career discussion about career opportunities with a Cinema Studies major, overview of introductory courses for students interested in the Cinema Studies major, etc.
    2. GPA/Grade Concerns – MAE: Questions and/or assistance and referral about academic standing, academic petitions, and/or current progress in courses, etc.
    3. Graduate School – MAE: Questions and/or assistance and referral about graduate school and the accompanying application and financial process
    4. Long Term Schedule Planning – MAE: Questions and/or assistance and referral about term schedule planning, graduation plans, career, internship and/or experiential learning opportunities, etc.
    5. Personal/Other Questions – MAE: Questions and/or assistance and referral about personal issues that may or may not impact your holistic success (food insecurity, familial issues, other academic and/or career related issues that are not covered under one of the other categories, etc.)
    6. Study Abroad – MAE: Questions and/or assistance and referral about Cinema Studies in Dublin and how that program (and other GEO opportunities) may count towards Cinema Studies major and/or Film Certificate requirements; beginning conversations about how to fund studying abroad, etc.
  • Choose “Tykeson College & Career Advising” as the location
  • You may then select a specific MAE advisor or coordinator or click “Next” to see all available times (please include a contact phone number and any comments you want your advisor or coordinator to have)
  • Click “Confirm Appointment” and then you will receive a confirmation

Please check-in 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time at the front desk on the 1st floor of Tykeson Hall.

Media, Arts and Expression (MAE) Flight Path Academic and Career Advising Team

Academic and Career Coordinator: Veratta Pegram-Floyd

Academic and Career Advisors: Cynthia Smythe and Kate Stucke