Transfer Students

Prospective Undergraduate Transfer Students

Interested in/planning to transfer to the University of Oregon as a Cinema Studies major?  Please make sure that you first review University of Oregon Transfer Admission requirements to learn more about the transfer admission process, course and credit requirements that you must have completed by the time you transfer.

Not Yet Admitted Transfer Student:

If you are an incoming transfer student, you will need to indicate on your admissions application that you want to major in Cinema Studies. The Office of Admissions will then declare you as a major. There is no separate application to declare the Cinema Studies major.

Admitted Transfer Student But Not Yet Declared Cinema Studies Major:

If you have already been admitted to the University of Oregon and have yet to attend IntroDucktion (mid-year and summer orientation), you will need to send an email via your University of Oregon email address and include your UO ID # (95#) to the Office of Admissions to inform them that you would like to change to and/or add Cinema Studies as an additional major.

Credit for Previously Completed Cinema/Film/Media Studies Coursework:

If you have previously completed related coursework in cinema, film, and/or media studies, it may be possible for you to obtain Cinema Studies major credit/meet Cinema Studies major course requirements through your transfer coursework. Please submit information on your transfer course using this Transfer Credit Request Form, and attach the syllabus (required). 


Should you have any questions about the transfer process into the University of Oregon as a Cinema Studies major, please email the department at

Additional UO Resources for Transfer Students