Graduate Options

Students wishing to study cinema on the graduate level can pursue a Ph.D. in English with a Structured Emphasis in Film Studies. Students graduate from this program trained in literary studies but with a focus on cinema developed through course work, teaching undergraduate film classes in film, and dissertations that often combine cinema with other aspects of literary or popular culture.  For more information, please contact Cinema Studies Department Head Priscilla Peña Ovalle at

The School of Journalism and Communication also offers a Media Studies Masters Degree and a PhD in Media Studies. These degree programs enable students to study various forms of media within the framework of communications theory.  For more information, please contact Professor Janet Wasko, School of Journalism and Communication, at

The New Media and Culture Certificate (NMCC) is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate that brings together the creative opportunities possible in a range of degree programs at the University of Oregon. The NMCC blends scholarly research on new media with the experience of creating new media content or using digital tools for research. The NMCC serves as a hub for UO graduate students and scholars engaged in likeminded work who are often isolated within traditional disciplines.