Graduate Options

The Department of Cinema Studies does not currently offer a graduate degree program. However, students who would like to study cinema at the graduate level may pursue an MA or PhD program with one of our graduate degree partners:

College of Arts & Sciences:

Students wishing to study cinema at the graduate level can work with faculty specializing in Film, Television, and Media Studies from Cinema Studies while pursuing an MA or PhD degree that is administratively housed in the following departments and programs: English, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages and Literatures, Romance Languages, German and Scandinavian, Asian Studies, and Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies. For more information, please contact Cinema Studies Graduate Liaison Professor Dong Hoon Kim (

School of Journalism and Communication:

The School of Journalism and Communication offers a Masters Degree and a PhD in Communication and Media Studies. These degree programs enable students to study various forms of media within the framework of communications theory.  For more information, please contact Professor Julianne Newton, School of Journalism and Communication, at

New Media and Culture Certificate

The New Media and Culture Certificate (NMCC) is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate that brings together the creative opportunities possible in a range of degree programs at the University of Oregon. The NMCC blends scholarly research on new media with the experience of creating new media content or using digital tools for research. The NMCC serves as a hub for UO graduate students and scholars engaged in likeminded work who are often isolated within traditional disciplines.