Cinema Studies: Where Critical Thinking Meets Creative Practice

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Where critical thinking meets creative practice

The Cinema Studies major blends a media-focused liberal arts education with creative and collaborative work in digital filmmaking.

Coursework: Students take a diverse array of courses in the history, theory, critical analysis, aesthetics, and production of cinema from across the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Design, and the School of Journalism and Communication.

Double Majors:  With approximately 300 majors, nearly one-third of Cinema Studies students are also double majors.

Getting Involved:  Cinema Studies offers majors the opportunity to get involved in clubs like the University Film Organization and UO Womxn and Film; local and national film festivals and competitions; internships; and in the Ireland study abroad program.

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A degree in Cinema Studies consists of 56 credits in four required categories of classes: Fundamental, Core, Production, and Elective courses.

To review a sample of the course offerings, check out the Cinema Studies course descriptions.

Fundamentals are the first courses students take in Cinema Studies and include:

  • CINE 260M: “Media Aesthetics”
  • CINE 265, 266, or 267: “History of Motion Pictures” (Students must take at least two of these history courses in any combination or order.)
  • J 201: “Media and Society”

Core Courses are upper-division critical studies courses that strengthen students’ understanding of cinema as a dynamic, multicultural, and transnational phenomenon. Students must complete six core courses.

Production courses teach the essentials of filmmaking. Students may take their first production course after declaring the major and completing the fundamental requirements. A minimum of two courses is required, and up to four courses may count toward the major.

Electives are courses that broaden students’ exposure to the study of media. Common courses include internships, additional production classes, additional core courses, or media courses in another discipline. Two courses are required as electives in the major.


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