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University of Oregon

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies consists of 56 credits divided among four categories: Fundamentals, Production, Core Courses, and Electives.  A Bachelor of Science option is not offered.

FUNDAMENTAL courses (16 credits) introduce majors to three central approaches to Cinema Studies: historical, social/institutional and aesthetic.

  • All students must complete J 201, ENG 260, and two of the three courses in the History of Motion Picture sequence ENG 265, ENG 266, ENG 267, which may be taken in any order.  Completion of all Fundamentals courses is required before taking Production courses.

PRODUCTION courses (8 credits; 4 credits from Production A and 4 credits from Production B) give all majors a chance to learn the essentials of media production.

  • After completing the Fundamentals requirements, students may enroll in a Production A course (ARTD 256, ENG 270 or J 208).
  • After successful completion of a Production A course, students are eligible to register for Production B courses (various topics in production; please see term course list for offerings).

CORE courses (24 credits) strengthen students’ understanding of cinema as a dynamic, multicultural, and transnational phenomenon. Please see term course list for offerings.

  • Students must complete six core courses, with at least one from each subcategory: Core A (Institutions); Core B (Theory and Criticism); and Core C (National, Regional and Transnational Cinema).
  • For students who declared the Cinema Studies major Fall 2013 or later: two courses in the Core (8 credits out of the required 24) must be taken directly from Cinema Studies (“CINE” prefix).

ELECTIVES (8 credits) allow students to broaden their exposure to cinema and media studies.  These courses are not focused exclusively on cinema but instead study it in relation to other modes of inquiry (philosophy, literary studies, journalism).

  • Additional Fundamentals, Production, and/or Core courses may also count as Elective courses.

All major courses must be taken for a letter grade, and students must earn a grade of “C” or better for credit toward the major.  At least 28 credits in the major must be taken in residence at the UO.





Fundamentals (four courses) 16
Production (two courses)   8
Core Courses (six courses) 24
Electives (two courses)   8





Students will receive program honors upon graduation if they have a final cumulative GPA in Cinema Studies coursework of at least 3.75.



For a list of classes that satisfy each category above, please consult the Term Course List for the current or future term, available on the Cinema Studies website.

Please email Cinema Studies with any questions at