Working Filmmaker Series Presents: Marc Marrie -- Arts & Sciences Executive Producer and Partner. Learn what it takes to make a living producing national TV commercials

Cinema Studies invites you to an informal talk on producing national TV advertising with Marc Marrie -- Arts & Sciences Executive Producer and Partner

Learn what it takes to make a living producing national television commercials

Join Marc Marrie, Arts & Sciences Executive Producer and Partner, as he discusses producing his most recent work – the 2014 Visa spot celebrating the inclusion of women’s Ski Jumping in the Winter Olympics and the 2014 Super Bowl spot for AAA.

Cinema Studies Welcomes Second Story Interactive Studios

Working Filmmaker Series Presents:  Second Story Interactive Studios

Join us for a talk with David Waingarten, Creative Director-Storytelling, and UO alum Daniel Meyers, Creative Director-Environments, from Second Story Interactive Studios, as they discuss creating the award-winning displays for the UO Ford Alumni Interpretive Center and their vision for the future of digital media.

Learn how the collaboration between filmmaking and architecture combines to create innovative media.

WELCOME STUDENTS! Interested in Cinema Studies? Learn about the program, as students and faculty talk about the major, classes and events!

“Cinema Studies is unique at Oregon for being inter-unit.  Cinema Studies involves both faculty and courses from the College of Arts & Science, Architecture and Allied Arts, and the School of Journalism & Communication.

The great thing about Cinema Studies here is that it really does encompass all that cinema encompasses in the real world, everything from the most experimental video art, to PBS documentaries, to Hollywood films and TV shows.


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