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Company Position Type City State Date Posted Application Deadline For More Information
The Artifice Writers 04/16/2018

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Creative Circle Producer Portland OR 04/14/2018

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Bonsai Mirai Video Content Producer Full Time Warren OR 04/14/2018

For more information Video Editor Full Time Burbank CA 04/14/2018

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Department of Cinema Studies Graphic Design Student Assistant Part Time Eugene OR 04/09/2018 04/23/2018

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The Eyes of the Heart Foundation Seeking crew for short film Internship (unpaid) Eugene OR 04/03/2018 05/01/2018

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HGTV Producer/Shooter Full Time for 7 weeks Portland OR 04/02/2018

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Happy Finish Production Assistant Full Time Portland OR 04/02/2018

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FLIR Video Production Internship, Summer Wilsonville OR 04/02/2018

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Think Shift Associative Creative Director Full Time Portland OR 04/02/2018

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