Jobs & Internships

Cinema Studies is pleased to offer a variety of resources to assist students and alumni in the job and internship search process: 

Cinema Studies Jobs & Internship Database:

Students and alumni searching for a job or internship are encouraged to utilize the Cinema Studies Jobs & Internship Database ­for current and past opportunities. All Cinema Studies majors are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship during their time as a student.

For more information and to register for internship credit, please visit the Internship Credit page.  

Additional Resources:

  • UO Handshake:  Activate your FREE Handshake account today to search for jobs, discover new career possibilities, access our career resource library, register for career readiness events and workshops, and connect with local and national employers.
  • UO Career Center:  Visit the Career Center website for helpful Internship tips and funding resources as well as information on how to find a summer internship or job.
  • UO Mohr Career Services:  Additional internship opportunities are available to review on UO's Mohr Career Services website as well as helpful resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn tips
  • UO Undergraduate Research:  Participation in research is a vital part of the undergraduate experience at the University of Oregon. Students from across the academic disciplines can be found investigating, discovering, creating, and innovating. Research experiences allow students to explore and clarify their academic and professional goals while developing critical thinking and important workforce skills.
  • OMPAThe Oregon Media Production Association is the business association for people who create media throughout Oregon.

Employers:  Post your job or internship opportunity

To add your posting to the Cinema Studies Job & Internship database and to learn more about the Cinema Studies internship program and guidelines, please review the Employer Resources page.