Student Representatives

Cinema Studies is pleased to introduce your new Diversity Committee Student Representatives. Comprised of CINE faculty, the Diversity Committee helps lead the Cinema Studies community in fostering an inclusive and equitable climate. Your student reps will help the department better meet student needs and shape the culture of Cinema Studies. 

The student representatives are available to meet with Cinema Studies majors during spring term. To schedule a meeting during their office hours, please email the representative directly.

Sena Arlandson

Sena Arlandson Sena Arlandson



Hi! My name is Sena (pronounced see-na) and I am a Junior in the Cinema Studies Major, here at UO. As a representative on the Cinema Studies Diversity Committee, I am dedicated to helping find meaningful resources and growth opportunities for students who feel marginalized in and out of the major. As a queer, disabled woman I can relate to feelings of being excluded from material and hope to find ways to advocate on behalf of students to profs in order to make a more comprehensive syllabus. I hope you reach out to me if you need anything, or if you just want to talk. 

I chose cinema because of the multiplicity of topics it concerns; our major is a humanity, an art, political tool, an industry practice etc and there are so many things you can do with it and so many ways to engage with it. 

My favorite movie is Columbus (Kogonada, 2017, USA) because of how it explores so many themes in such a truncated runtime. My comfort movie, however, will always be Bridesmaids(Feig, 2011, USA) because of how it uses comedy to discuss big themes like adult friendship and alcoholism. I would love to hear your favorite movies or ones you want to see!

To share your thoughts or concerns, email me at

Kayla Godowa-Tufti

Kayla Godowa-TuftiKayla Godowa-Tufti 


Greetings, my name is Kayla Godowa-Tufti I am a Junior at UO, my major is Cinema Studies. I am a citizen of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs of Oregon, and Kalapuyan descendant. Being a student representative on the Cinema Studies Diversity Committee, I am committed to advocating for underrepresented perspectives and people to strive for more inclusivity within the department. As a first generation, non-trad student I understand the barriers to education and representation that my peers on the periphery may experience.

I chose Cinema Studies to learn about representation of my demographic and one of my favorite movies is Pow Wow Highway (1988).

If you have perspectives that you would like to see represented within the department, please let me know! 

Canden Gutierrez

Canden GutierrezCanden Gutierrez


My name is Canden Gutierrez, and I am a third year here at the University of Oregon studying Advertising and Cinema Studies. My involvements include being the Vice President of University Film Organization, being the Outreach Assistant for the Multicultural Center, and working for SAIL over the summer helping underprivileged students achieve higher education. That is why I am excited to be joining the Diversity Committee for the department because of the need there has to be addressed in serving BIPOC students studying film at UO. 

I chose Cinema Studies for the production aspect of it. I have been behind the camera since high school, so I have loved navigating storytelling through that lens. I have worked on projects such as creative shorts, documentary pieces, and promotional material. My favorite movie would have to be Moonlight. The intersectionality in this film is one I resonate with, and I enjoyed the three piece life stories of one individual it explores. It genuinely is a movie that is so raw and brings visibility to non-white LGBTQ+ individuals dealing with more than their sexuality. 

To share your thoughts or concerns, email me at