Student Community

Students walking outside with the Duck mascot

Cinema Studies offers majors the opportunity to get involved in clubs like the University Film Organization, UO Womxn and Film and UO Presents; enter in local and national film festivals and competitions; obtain internships and jobs; and gain hands-on experience in a variety of paid student positions within the department.

University Film Organization

The University Film Organization (UFO) is a collection of student film enthusiasts on the University of Oregon Campus. UFO is a student club for UO student filmmakers to connect, create, share and discuss their films. For more information about UFO and club meetings, visit the UFO website, follow @uofilm on Facebook and Instagram, or email

UO Womxn and Film

UO Womxn and Film is dedicated to increasing roles for womxn, nonbinary individuals, and transgender individuals through forwarding diverse and accurate representations of marginalized groups; and is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for creative projects, film-based education, and career or artistic developments. For more information about UO Womxn and Film and club meetings, follow @UOWomxnFilm on Instagram.

UO Presents

UO Presents offers films through a critical lens of film viewership and creation; it is our aim to deliver a varied selection of genres, directors, eras, subject matters, moments in film history, and world perspectives, with the purpose of connecting the film-enjoying community and increasing film literacy and understanding campus wide. For more information about UO Presents and club meetings, follow @UOPresents on Instagram.