Cinema Studies is expanding to 201 McKenzie Hall

To better meet the needs of our students, Cinema Studies is pleased to announce the expansion of the office effective September 26, 2013.

Visit us in our new location in 201 McKenzie Hall!

The support staff and the Academic Advisor will be located in the new office:

Academic Advising*

Cinema Studies Office

Shauna Riedel-Bash Support Staff
Email: Email:
Phone:  541-346-8613 Phone:  541-346-8104

*Academic Advisor Shauna Riedel-Bash will remain in 261 Knight Library until September 25, 2013.  Effective September 26, 2013 her office will be located in 201 McKenzie Hall.  Contact Shauna at for an appointment.

The Computer Lab, Equipment Room and multimedia staff will remain in Knight Library:

The Lab

Equipment Room

267 Knight Library 18 Knight Library
Phone:  541-346-7820
Dr. Andre Sirois
Kevin May
Multimedia Center Supervisor Multimedia Assistant
263 Knight Library 260 Knight Library
Email: Email:
Phone:  541-346-8844 Phone:  541-346-8296

For more information and a map of our locations, please read here!