Pac-12 Networks' Television Production Student Training Program

For the 2nd consecutive year, the Pac-12 Networks is offering its exclusive “Pac-12 Networks’ Television Production Student Training Program”

The mission and objective is to inspire and expose Pac-12 University students to the world of live sports television production with an emphasis on safety, remote production techniques, mobile unit technologies and hands-on operating experience.  With its training team and production crews on site, the program is designed to help prepare students to work for the Pac-12 Networks and for a future job in the broadcast business.

With roughly 1,800 paid student positions last season, students have played a valuable role in the productions. They have been hired for roles such as Red Hats/Time Out Coordinators, Runners, Stage Managers, Spotters, Statisticians, Utilities and Camera Operators, all while gaining valuable experience working with other professionals in sports broadcasting. While preparing and training students to work in these positions, they become more valuable as crew members and ultimately become repeat hires, which benefits both the students and the Network. Each session is pre-scheduled in advance and will take place at each of our Pac-12 University campuses throughout the academic year.

For more information, please visit the Pac-12 Student Training Website.