On-Camera Workshop Opportunity for Students -- Register by April 27th

Thanks to the generosity of alum Ben Kalb ’69, the Departments of Theatre Arts & Athletics invite students to attend a two-day, one-credit workshop to bolster on-camera tv/film hosting skills.

The one-credit course is an invitation-only class open only to students who have a declared majors of Journalism, Theater Arts or Cinema Studies and/or are student athletes. Space is limited to 15 participants. For more information, please read the On Camera Hosting Flyer.

Deadline Extended:  Students who wish to register should contact Krysten Mayfair, kmayfair@uoregon.edu by April 27, 2015.

Students admitted to the course will be selected by John Schmor, theater department head, in consultation with heads of the areas listed above.

What students can expect to learn:

·         How to cultivate a strong on-camera personality and proper on-camera technique

·         How to build a comfort level on camera and in front of an audience

·         How to maximize your personality: energy, passion, sense of humor, conversational style, audience appeal, and likeability

·         Tips for gaining confidence and credibility

·         How to control nerves and handle distraction

·         Body language: eye contact, posture, owning the space

·         Proper technique to master the teleprompter

·         Bring up general presentation skills that will help in many facets of life!


 The class will be taught by special guest lecturer Shannon O'Dowd

Shannon is an on-camera coach specializing in hosting training for infomercials (DR), Entertainment Reporting, Shopping Channels, Reality TV, Talk Shows, Career Coaching, and Teleprompter Training. After years of instructing, Shannon is very good at getting the best performance possible out of her clients with spot-on adjustments & information that "sticks" & aids in many areas of on-camera work.


Workshop Dates:

Saturday, May 9, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, lunch provided

Sunday, May 10, 8:30 am – 2:00 pm, lunch provided