Immediate Summer Internship Opportunities!

Looking for a summer internship?  Check-out the opportunities below.

Cinema Studies majors:  Email for information on enrolling in CINE 404 "Internship"



Portland Indie Super Hero Project Seeking Film Studies Interns:

On set shadowing opportunities in all the creative departments (art, wardrobe, makeup, set building, props, etc) for a female centric, coming-of-age super hero action comedy with lots of fun action, stunts, special fx, and art elements.

The prep is happening now through 7/10/16, with preliminary shoot dates 7/11/16 through 8/12/16. The internship is five days a week for five weeks and all locations will be in the Portland metro area, primarily daytime shifts, with a few night shifts as well.

For more information, please email Lara Cuddy at Polluted Pictures:


Kirby Ferguson is best known for the online smash Everything is a Remix and his episodic documentary This is Not a Conspiracy Theory. We’ve recently completed a successful Kickstarter and will be manufacturing and sending out rewards in the coming months. Come help us ship! And do other stuff at both our home office and our work space, Portland’s prestigious art/tech space, The Outpost. It’s actually pretty fun and you’ll get to see the inner workings of how an independent filmmaker gets things done. You should be intelligent, detail oriented, and organized!

For more information, email


Two internship opportunities:

  1. An intern to help with grant research, grant and proposal writing, social media, and production help for Lower Boom.
  1. An intern to help with the CONSIDERABLE pre-production research and admin help we need for a documentary series we are co-producing.

Send Resumes/Letters to


Summer interns needed - specifically:

  1.  Someone who has graphic arts skills.
  1.  Someone who has systems management (computer skills) as we are integrating management systems.  This person should be familiar with coding.

Send resumes/letters to:


Stillmotion is looking for a Cinema Assistant Intern

We are looking for a passionate and dedicated budding filmmaker to join our team. Enthusiastic, dedicated, hard working. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to do it--we want team members to meet us with this passion and dedication. Must be extremely proficient with general tech, Apple computers, etc., familiar with Premiere Pro and relevant programs in the Adobe family. Outstanding communication. Assertive. Proactive. Patient and kind.

Your time will be devoted to two areas: Gear & Digital Assets Management


Learn and be acquainted with all production equipment used by the studio. Help maintain all gear in an orderly fashion, be responsible for coordinating all repairs, work with cinematographers to prep and pack gear for all shoots. Keep gear room organized and optimized. Maintain inventory of gear.

Digital Assets 

Maintain hard drives and digital assets. Keep DA Master Log current at all times. Manage archival film/footage pulls when requested by team members. Work with editors to prep and wrap projects including building Premiere projects, ingesting and organizing assets, producing Master Exports, reconciling and archiving projects.

What you’ll learn

You’ll come away understanding the inner workings of a storytelling studio, become acquainted with gear, esp. the RED Epic camera system, production lights, and the pieces of the puzzle that make it all work. Learn an edit workflow and digital asset management system. Potential to expand into shooting and editing. Learn storytelling techniques through cinematography and editing, both conceptually and technically.

Interested in joining our team? Give us a shout at


Oregon Story Board seeks summer interns to assist with photo/video projects, research/data collection, and office assistance/staffing for local community events at the OSB office in Northwest Portland. Students would be asked to commit up to 10hrs per week, with some evening work required.

OSB is committed to advancing Oregon’s digital storytelling ecosystem through industry support and workforce development.  Our programming brings public and private interests together to help existing industries evolve, new businesses thrive, and diverse talents emerge.

Position pays $15/hr.  Student will have hands-on access to virtual reality technology and direct contact with industry professionals and enthusiasts working in this emerging technology space.

Please contact Nick Lambert at to set up a time for a brief interview.


Send all resumes/Letters of Inquiry (specifying your specific area of interest) to:, Attn: Dawnn Pavlonnis


We are co-sponsoring a unique screening and tour of Buster Keaton’s THE GENERAL this summer with a live, original score across the state. In the run up to that we need someone to do a “A” and “B” comparison between two versions of the film to determine which “cards” and/or scenes are missing from one version to the other. We might also follow that up with some work in cross-cutting/replacing/rebuilding the missing scenes in an editing program like Final Cut or Premiere and/or AfterEffects. So, ideally, it would be someone with that kind of interest and ability.

We’d like to start them in the next few weeks and it should last not more than a few weeks to complete. They could work according to their own schedule - coming in to this office and/or working on their own and reporting in on an ongoing basis.

Send letters/resumes to