Faculty Call for Papers: "What is Media?" Conference

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

What is Media? 

University of Oregon -- Portland, Oregon -- April 14-16, 2016


What is media today? How is media studies defined? How have media technologies transformed media theory and practice? What are the futures of media and how are they evolving?

With media including a wider and wider range of concepts, products, services, and institutions, the definition of media continues to be in a state of flux. Important questions abound and we will address a sweeping range of issues at the What is Media? event next April in Portland.

The conference will feature a unique coalescing of media scholars, government and community officials, industry professionals, alumni, and students, as well as artists, filmmakers, grassroots community organizations, and the public. The event will feature keynote speakers, roundtables, paper presentations, and special events, in an attempt to answer questions about the ever-evolving nature of media.

Please read the WHAT IS MEDIA Conference information for the presentations/papers/installations topics and more information.

Send 100-150 word abstracts of papers or presentations by November 16, 2015 to:  

Janet Wasko • jwasko@uoregon.edu  •  School of Journalism and Communication   •   University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon  •   97403-1275   •   USA