Congrats to "The Number of Times a Wheel Turns"!

Cinema Studies would like to congratulate the team behind "The Number of Times a Wheel Turns"!

Since premiering at the No Budget Filmmaking Awards in June 2015, the film has been screened at the McMinnville Film Festival and has been accepted into the Big Mini Media Festival in New York.

In spring 2015, students were put into teams of nine to re-write and pre-produce the scripts for nearly four weeks before entering production. With distinct roles, the student crews spent May 2015 shooting the scripts (and editing along the way). In the process they learned about making narrative short films and many were thrown into roles like gaffer or sound recordist that they had never previously done. Acting talent came with the help of Brian Haimbach, Paul Calandrino, and David Rodriguez. Lance MIller and Todd Sickafoose oversaw the composers and recordings of the original scores from students in the UO Music School, and the composers worked with the film crews to craft the music.

To view the full film, visit the Cinema Studies Vimeo page. Also find the film on IMDB!

MV5BMjA4NTgwNzcxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODI1ODk1NjE@._V1_SX214_AL_"The Number of Times a Wheel Turns" Credits:

Written by Forrest Munro
Produced by Astra Productions.
Starring Nicole Trobaugh, Phillip Hawkins, Tamara Alba, John Branch, Peter Anthony Holden, Shawn Beasley, and Paulina Liang.
Director: Brad Burke
Sound Recordist/Supervisor: Phillip Davey
Supervising Editor: Claire Haines
Production Design/Makeup: Talia Lubin
Gaffer: Mark McField
Producer/Production Manager: Molly Meyer
Director of Photography/Makeup: Ashlee Olson
Executive Producer: Andre´ Sirois
Key Grip: Amanda Rose Smith
Assistant Director: Jenna Worden
With help from: Rachel Brock, Monica DeLeon, Leah Hennes, and Sam Stendal Music by Nathan Engelmann and Rebecca Larkin