Cinema Studies student and grad win first Peabody Award given for a viral video

Samantha StendalAaron BlantonCongratulations Cinema Studies Student Samantha Stendal and Cinema Studies Graduate Aaron Blanton on Peabody Award

Cinema Studies would like to congratulate Samantha Stendal and Aaron Blanton for winning the first ever Peabody Award given to a viral video for a piece they created last year that put a spotlight on rape culture.  The video was one of 43 recipients of this year's Peabody Awards out of more than 1,100 submissions.

The Peabody Awards, founded in 1943, celebrates the best of television, radio and web storytelling. In their comments about “A Needed Response,” the judges said: “Short, simple and spot-on in its critique of rape culture, the ingenious PSA by two University of Oregon students takes just 25 seconds to makes its point that real men treat women with respect.”

Shot and edited in two days, “A Needed Response”  has been watched more than three million times since it was uploaded to YouTube in March 2013.

To watch the video and read more about their award, please visit the Oregonlive website and University of Oregon's Celebrating Champions website.