Working Filmmakers Series Presents: Creating Your Career in Cinema

Feb 18, 2015, 3:00 pm

Creating Your Career in Cinema_8.5x11Cinema Studies Working Filmmaker Series Presents:

Creating Your Career in Cinema:  Five Perspectives on Making it Work

Wednesday, Feb 18  3 pm  Gerlinger Lounge  Free

  Join us for a panel discussion and networking session with industry professionals and recent Cinema Studies alumni.  This will be an excellent opportunity to meet professionals from a variety of areas in the industry, including directing, filmmaking, and production. Desserts will be served!  


JULIANA LUKASIK:  Director and Principal, @Large Films, Inc. NAOMI YOSPE:  Production Coordinator for TV/film ALEXI PAPPAS '14:  Independent Filmmaker, Professional Runner; M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies MELANIE BOWMAN '13:  Lead Producer, Sawhorse Productions; B.A., Cinema Studies KATE SCHNABEL '14:  Production Assistant, Portlandia; B.A., Cinema Studies