Commencement 2022

Graduates in regalia listening to a speaker

Congratulations Cinema Studies Class of 2022

Congratulations to the Cinema Studies majors participating in the 2022 commencement celebration! 

Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony
Sunday, June 12, 2022 • 10 am • Straub Hall 156

Please visit the Cinema Studies Commencement Day Details website page for information on when to arrive, parking, photography, and more! 

CINE 2022 Commencement Day Details

Main UO Commencement Ceremony
Monday, June 13, 2022 • 9:00 a.m. (PT) • Autzen Stadium


Please visit the Cinema Studies Commencement Day Details website page for information on when to arrive, parking, photography, and more! 


Cinema Studies is excited to announce that we are celebrating our graduates in person this year! Invite your friends and families to cheer you on in Straub Hall. The Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony will be held Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 10 am in Straub Hall. 

Class of 2022: Register for the Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony by 8 am Wednesday, May 18th

As long as you will be complete with all degree, major(s) and minor(s) requirements within the 2022 calendar year (by Fall 2022) and complete the Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony Registration Formyou are eligible to participate in the Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony. Please note that “participating in commencement” is not the same thing as “graduating.” Diplomas are not issued at the commencement ceremony (read below for more information on graduating). Note: Students with a "confidentiality director release restriction" must contact Cinema Studies at to provide written authorization to have their name appear in the program.

Classes of 2020 and 2021: Please let us know your interest in participating in the Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony by 8 am Wednesday, May 18th

If you are interested in participating in the Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony, please let us know in the Cinema Studies Commencement Ceremony Registration Form. We would like to invite all grads from 2020-22, but must first collect requests for all three graduating classes to determine if there will be enough room in Straub Hall for everyone to attend. Please keep a close watch on your email and this website page as we continue to communicate about the event and our guest capacity.

apply to graduate BY  4-24-22


Graduating vs. Participating in Commencement

“Graduating” and “participating" in commencement are two different things. Participating means that you may still have some coursework and/or credit requirements to fulfill after spring 2022 that will be complete either in summer or fall 2022. Graduating means you are receiving a diploma and have completed all degree, major(s) and minor(s) requirements. You will receive your actual diploma by mail 6-8 weeks after your graduation date, not during commencement ceremony. A degree will not be awarded if your general/core education requirements and all declared major(s) and minor(s) requirements are not met. Contact your advisor at if you have any questions about your progress toward completion of degree requirements. When you apply for graduation as a Cinema Studies major, you will be applying for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree—NOT the Film Certificate. (Note: the Film Certificate operates similarly to a Cinema Studies minor, so Cinema Studies majors are not eligible for completion of the Film Certificate.)

Apply to Graduate in DuckWeb

If you haven’t already applied to graduate, make sure you apply online as soon as possible. Undergraduates apply for graduation on DuckWeb. For spring term, undergraduate student applications are due by April 24, 2022. Applying for your degree is different than registering to participate in commencement. In order to receive a degree from the UO this spring, undergraduates must have applied via DuckWeb


Please contact your advisor at if you have any questions about your progress toward completion of degree requirements.

order your regalia


Get Your Cap, Gown, and More:  Visit the Duck Store to purchase your cap, gown, announcements, and other memorabilia. Check in with commencement staff if you need any special accommodations to fully participate in events. Explore graduation packages

Department Honors: Students eligible for departmental honors may purchase honor cords with their regalia. Cinema Studies will notify students if they qualify for honors. Students with departmental honors will be noted in the commencement program.

Latin Honors: Graduating seniors who have earned at least 90 credits in residence at the University of Oregon and have successfully completed all other university degree requirements are eligible for graduation with Latin Honors. The Office of the Registrar computes Latin honors upon graduation. Once students are notified by the Office of the Registrar that they are receiving Latin honors, students will be able to purchase an honors cord at the Duck Store.


The main University of Oregon commencement ceremony will be held Monday, June 13, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. PT. The historic event will take place at Autzen Stadium, to allow the university to accommodate the graduates of 2022, 2021, and 2020 for an in-person event. All qualifying graduates from those classes are invited and welcome to bring as many friends and family members as they would like—no tickets will be required.

Graduates wanting to participate in the University Commencement Celebration must RSVP with their attendance and estimated number of guests. Students will be sent an email to their with specific instructions on how to RSVP. More information is available on the UO commencement website.


Share your photos and messages of support with #UOCINEgrad22.

stay connected after graduation!

Visit the UO Alumni page periodically for events for upcoming graduates that can range from workshops on public speaking and job search strategies, to networking and conference opportunities. Graduates receive one year of membership with purchase of a cap and gown. You will receive access to career-related programming, alumni networking events, mentorship opportunities, member-only events like watch parties and lunches, discounts, etc. Visit the UO Alumni website for more information on the Senior Send Off, Alumni InDUCKtion, and the Duck Career Network.