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The complete Summer Term 2017 Course List is now available. Summer term registration begins May 8, 2017

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CINE 399—Science Fiction Cinema (4 credits) Open to ALL MAJORS!

Monday through Thursday, 6/26–7/23

10:00–11:50 a.m.

Instructor:  Steve Rust

This course focuses on the development of the science fiction film genre as we explore the intersections of media, culture, and technology. Sci-fi cinema places the past and future into conversation with the present day, thus reflecting and responding to society’s evolving understandings of science and technology. Students will gain critical thinking and research skills as we analyze how the genre works to both mask and unveil cultural attitudes about gender and race, political and environmental issues, and, of course, robots and aliens. Key films from Hollywood and around the world will be screened to highlight the genre’s historical development. We will also explore films that blur the genre by combining science fiction with comedy, musicals, film noir, and the Western. Through readings, lectures, class discussions and projects we will examine the aesthetic, social, and material aspects of science fiction as well as the genre’s literary and theoretical underpinnings.


CINE 408—Workshop: AVID Post Production (4 credits) Open to ALL MAJORS!

Monday through Friday, 6/26-7/23

12:00–1:50 p.m.

Instructor:  Kevin May

This course, taught by one of our Avid Certified Instructors, will train students in the industry standard non-linear editing software, Avid Media Composer. The course follows Avid’s curriculum along with additional content focusing on editing theory and practice to give students a complete understanding of the software’s workflow and operations. At the end of the term students will take the Avid Certification Exam with the opportunity to become Avid Certified Users. Additionally, the class will also strengthen students’ overall editing technique and help them to become proficient in the art form of non- linear editing. In the course we will focus specifically on project and media organization, and numerous tools and shortcuts used to refine an edit. We will also focus on a variety of effects, including tracking, color correcting, and multilayer effects. *Previously taught as CINE 425 Top CINE Prod AVID, CINE 399 Sp St Cine Prod AVID, and CINE 408 Wrk Avid; not repeatable.

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