Peter Alilunas


Peter Alilunas

Peter Alilunas

Assistant Professor,
Department of Cinema Studies

216D Allen Hall

Research Statement

My primary research is in the history of the adult film industry as it transitioned from celluloid to videotape in the late 1970s. I examine that history from a variety of perspectives that seek to understand the regulatory impulses - both internally within the industry and externally within culture -- that determine how and under what circumstances audiences discover and consume pornography.

I am also interested in censorship, media regulation, copyright law, and film and media history.

Recent Citations – Publications – Professional Work

Forthcoming: “Mediating the Back Room: Adult Video News and the Creation of Adult Video,” in From Porno Chic to the Sex Wars: The Destabilization of American Culture and Politics in the 1970s. Whitney Strub and Carolyn Bronstein, eds. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 2015.

“Ephemerata: Ginger’s Private Party Flyer (circa 1985),” Film History 26.3, 2014: 144-155.

“The Necessary Future of Adult Industry Studies,” Creative Industries Journal 7.1 (2014), 62-66.

“They Can’t Do This to Us!: Alan Alda as (Anti)Feminist Signifier,” Camera Obscura 78 (26.3), 2011: 35-61.

“The (In)Visible People in the Room: Men in Women’s Studies.” Men and Masculinities 14.2 (June 2011): 210-229.

“The Past is All Used Up: Orson Welles, Touch of Evil, and Erasure.” Screening the Past 27 (May 2010).

“Male Masculinity as the Celebration of Failure: The Frat Pack, Women, and the Trauma of Victimization in the ‘Dude Flick.’" Mediascape, UCLA (Spring 2008).


J 201 "Media & Society"
J 412 "Understanding Disney"
J 496 "Copyright and Media"